City Breaks

"Magic Warsaw"

Warsaw, the capital of Poland since the 17th century, is a symbol of the turbulent history of our country.  Completely destroyed during the Second World War, it was gradually reconstructed. Warsaw is the city of the greatest Polish composer Frederic Chopin, who spent here first 20 years of his life. Now the city impresses with its beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere. The historic palaces and churches beautifully contrast with the modern infrastructure. Those are the aspects you will definitely not miss during our tours.

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"Charming Cracow"

Cracow-one of the oldest Polish cities, the capital of the country until the 17th century, the seat of the Polish Kings and rulers. Cracow is a world-famous Centre for art and culture as well as an important centre of science. The unique atmosphere of centuries-old cities, beautiful architecture and the charm of the historic streets attract crowds of tourists from all over the world. It is a perfect place to feel the history, to get to know a new culture and people, in a unique atmosphere of the old town. In our tours you will not miss the most important monuments and attractions of Cracow.

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"The Unique Gdansk"

Gdansk - a city with a thousand years of history, an important commercial centre and Polish capital of amber. A paradise for lovers of beautiful architecture, buildings and medieval monuments. Charming pubs with "soul", cafes and recurring cultural events and festivals create the unique atmosphere. Gdansk is a city of Lech Walesa and the cradle of the Solidarity and the shipyard Gdansk is an important symbol of the overthrow of communism.  Together with Sopot, it is a trendy cultural centre-and Gdynia, recognised as the most modern port in the country, creates a modern urban agglomeration called Tricity. In our tours you cannot miss the most important sights and attractions.

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"Inspiring Poznan"

Poznan-one of the oldest cities in Poland with 600 years of history, founded by the first Polish rulers Mieszko I and Boleslaw I the Brave. The first capital of the country in the 10th-11th century. Today it is an important centre of economy, science and culture. Poznan is also the largest trade and conference centre in Poland. The unique atmosphere of the old town with charming tenement houses and Poznan goats attract crowds of tourists from all over the world.  In our tours you will not miss the most important monuments and attractions of Poznan and the surrounding area.

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"Wroclaw-European capital of culture 2016"

Wroclaw-127 bridges and 14 islands, over the centuries it belonged to the most beautiful and richest cities in Central Europe. In the 10th century a castle was erected on the Ostrów Tumski, guarding the Western boundaries of the State. Currently, it is considered to be a very important cultural and economic site. It was chosen as the European capital of culture in 2016, and therefore offers a variety of tourist and cultural attractions for tourists from all over the world. In our tours you will not miss the most important monuments and attractions of Wroclaw and its surroundings.

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