Discover Poland

Why Poland?

Location: in the centre of Europe, cross  border of the cultures of the West and the East,
Safety: one of the safest countries in Europe,
Position in the world; Member of the European Union since 2004, a member of NATO since 1999, the organizer of the NATO Summit 2016, co-organizer of the EURO 2012, the organizer of World Youth Day 2016 for more than 2 million people from all over the world,

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"Poland – a place where the heart of the world is beating" Norman Davis

From the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list, Poland  offers  14  unique monuments of architecture, nature and religious sites in Poland. You will find here one of a kind centers of culture and nature – Poland.

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Must See

See you in Poland

Poland is a safe and hospitable country. It is modern and  traditional at the same time. It has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Great people, excellent cuisine, beautiful craftsmanship and interesting culture make it tempting to come again. Diverse and wild nature guarantee a wonderful rest and unforgettable adventure and unique sights and atmosphere of the historic centers of large cities are memories of a lifetime.

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Calendar of Events

Do you like music, art, cinema? Or maybe you're interested in  the Middle Ages?
Many renowned cultural events take place in Poland. Plan your stay with our calendar of cultural events and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the world of culture and art.
In our opinion, the most interesting events particularly worth getting involved during a visit to Poland are as follows. Check out our suggestions.

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Discover Nature

Do you need to relax or rest close to nature? Do you want to "recharge your batteries" before another important challenge? Discover wild Poland and its beautiful scenery that looks amazing at any time of the year. Learn about the habits of birds and wild animals, enjoy fishing alone. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity in the Centre of Europe.  We offer the most beautiful places in Poland, which will provide unforgettable memories. 

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